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For customers who need Dedicated FTP Servers, we provide an excellent solution. Select the basic hardware and software and let us (or you) add additional hardware and software to meet your individual needs and preferences.dedicated ftp servers free setup

Configuration Options

  • Intel and AMD CPUs, including dual processors
  • 512-2048 MB RAM
  • 80-160 GB Hard Disk (IDE, SATA, SCSI)
  • RAID configurations (hardware and software)
  • Linux, Enterprise, FreeBSD, and Windows
  • Sendmail or Exchange or Others
  • Apache Web Server
  • Ensim or Plesk or Webmin Control Panels
  • Beginning at $99 per month (FREE Setup)

Customization Options

We have created quite a variety of customizations designed to meet the FTP needs of our customers. To name just a few:

  • Basic FTP Server: This is popular with advertising, printing, and other media organizations who need to quickly and efficiently share files. We can create anonymous or password restricted upload directories so your vendors and customers can share files with you in a simple and secure manner.
  • Browser Based FTP Server: We can configure your server so your customers have the ability to upload files using their browser, without having to know how to do ftp. This is a great tool for getting the efficiency of file sharing without having to teach your vendors and customers how to use the FTP utilities.
  • Additional Functions: You can also put other services and functions on the FTP server, including your website, email, and other functions.

Enhanced Services Available

We can provide additional configurations and services to meet your needs. Please check our Enhanced Services Section for more information.

Contact Us

We are pleased to discuss how we can meet your requirements, offer you custom quotes, provide tours of our Data Center and more.

Please contact us online or call 248-336-7843.


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